Thursday, May 18, 2017

Service Hours: Goodwill (1 hour)

On Sunday, May 14 2017, I took some time to go in my basement and looked around to see if I had any stuff that I didn't need, which I could donate to goodwill. My mom and I actually donate to goodwill at least once a month because there are a lot of stuff that we have that we don't use anymore, and there are other people who need it more. I ended up finding a pile of stuffed animals that I had played with as a kid, packed them up, and took them to the goodwill in Buffalo Grove where the Garden Fresh is. I've always felt that if you need to get rid of something and it's not meant for the trash, donate it. There will always be people who are in need of things that they can't get or might not have the opportunity to get. Also, I recently learned that goodwill offers training and services for individuals who want to find a job, pursue a credential or degree, and improve their financial status.

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